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Document Management System (DMS)

This application is to store, manage and track documents that are relevant to your organization. You have to categorize the document and fix the essential details for that document. For example, take electricity bill, which is a document type. The essential details to inpupt are Bill Date, Meter Reading, Amount, Due Date, Paid Date etc. Once you get the bill or make the payemnt upload the bill with relevant details into the DMS. Any time you can retrieve details of electrity bill by bill date or amount or payment date from DMS. The search facility enables you to get the information at ease. This will avoid time to manually search a document from tonns of files in your file store

Another version of this DMS is available for the exclusive use of Chartered Accountants.

Inventory Management System (IMS)

This system is ideal for a trading company. The purchase and sale modules keep track of in and out of goods movement. Any moment of time, you can check the balance quantity of each item with the value. The dash board report will tell you the top 10 selling items, top 10 slow moving items, top 10 customers & top 10 expensive items. If you set the re-order level of each stock item, you can take a report on items to be purchased which are below re-oder level. This has a supplier & customer management module. You can define the stock code with any length and levels.

Student's Database Management System (SDMS)

This system is ideal for a school, college or any educational institution. This will keepp track of all student's records. You can maintain the conveyance of each student with bus route and bus number. Birthday greetings can be printed for the students whose birth day falls in a date range. Once a student is transferred or dismissed the student record will go into the history file. This system does not have a GPS tracking of school buses and fees management systems

Payroll Management System (PMS)

This application enables you to process payroll of your employees at your organization. This is basically designed to use in India. This module keeps track of employee's record and payroll history. It can produce report for Professional Tax to be remitted to the local governing body. There is a facility to print income report of each emeployee for ITR

Patient's Record Management System (PRMS)

This is useful for doctors doing private prctice. This application is also ideal for maintaining patients's records in hospitals. This keeps track of patient's personal information and records from all visits. The records contains diagnosis, medicine prescribed & lab test results. There is provision to add documents as records. The doctor can see the number of appointemets for each day in a month calander. By clicking on the date, the details of patients and appointment time can be viewed and can make new appointments. When a patient visit next time, the doctor can see all the previous records from the system.

Organization Management System (OMS)

This application helps to maintain members and it's money in & out of an organization. This can be used in any organizations like clubs, religious, political etc. This keeps track of money receivable from memebrs as monthly/annual fee, receipts from memebrs and donations from outside. Also keeps track of all expenses incurred for the maintenance of the organization. This has a facility to automatically send birth day greetings or rememberance day messages to the relatives by email.

PDF Files Merger

This application is to merge different PDF files to one PDF file. There is an option to merge selected pages from a PDF file having more than 1 page, say pages 1,2 & 5, input (1,2,5), , select page range say 3 to 7, input (3-7) and combination of page numbers & range egs (1-3,5,8) (4-6,1-2)


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